Joe Hulsey

I am Joe, and I truly have a passion for photography that is hard to explain.  There is no more fulfilling moment than delivering a portrait to a client and seeing that look of pride and love in their eyes.  You will always get individualized attention and a passion to make your images something that you are proud to show your friends and family. I was born and currently reside in Louisville, KY.   My beautiful wife, Mary Rose, is my strongest supporter and most honest critic.  I couldn’t do this without her support.  I am also blessed with two beautiful children.  My daughter, Alice, and son, Jack, are my true inspirations.  
My mission is to tell your story in photographs. Just sit back and enjoy!

There are three things that you can count on.  First, you will get ample and timely communication. It is always number 1 on my list! I can’t tell a story that I don’t know. Next, your experience will be personalized and unique. My main goal is for you to receive your images and know that you got an experience that in some way was different than anyone else that I’ve ever photographed. Lastly, you will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Fun and useless tidbits about Joe:

  • I hate sour cream.
  • The Andy Griffith Show is my all-time favorite. There are 249 episodes, and I’ve probably seen them all at least 25 times. Ok, I’ve probably seen the black and white ones more than that. I’ve lost count.
  • My favorite city to visit is Las Vegas.
  • My favorite indulgence is ice cream. I love butter pecan and anything with peanut butter.

Latanya Tate

Latanya Tate is an awesome member of the Joe Hulsey Photography team. Latanya wears many hats. Most importantly, she is an awesome photographer. In addition, and no less vital, she keeps me in line. Latanya resides in New Albany, IN with her two beautiful daughters, Marley and Gaby. She is originally a west coast girl from California.